All About the Show

My name is Jason Eldridge and I have been a nature photographer for a long time.  Years back I had the opportunity to serve as the president of the South Florida National Parks Camera Club and while serving it became apparent not only was nature photography a passion but so to was passing on the passion to others.  Podcasting seemed the right way to go and when Beth agreed to be the co-host of the podcast I knew I was on to something.  My mind didn't stop there, the idea started expanding to include a dedicated website and a YouTube channel to host training and in the field videos.  Well, if you are going to have those you might as well include Facebook and Instagram.  So, what started out as a simple idea has grown to encompass so much more.

Our Mission

The Nature Photography Show is designed around passion; passion for nature, photography, education, art, and conservation.  We strive to bring entertainment and education to the nature photography enthusiast through our website, podcast, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets. 

What we do

We have a podcast released twice a month on the 1st and 15th, an active blog where we write weekly articles to help you with your nature photography, and a YouTube channel for post processing tips along with infield videos.  You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.  Find us where it best suits you!