Lightroom CC is Dead, Long Live Lightroom CC


We finally have information on Lightroom CC.  It has become Lightroom Classic and speaks of much needed performance improvement.  But the name Lightroom CC is still going to be used but for a completely new web based photo editing program.  Confused?  Yeah, me too a little.

Here is is as I understand it.

  • Lightroom CC 2015 has become Lightroom Classic
  • Lightroom CC is a brand new program built from the ground up

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic is the upgraded version of Lightroom CC 2015 so it will operate just as it always has with hopefully some improvement and additions.  Over on the Adobe blog they had this to say about Lightroom Classic

"As many of our customers know, Lightroom Classic (originally Lightroom) was born to help you manage your photography workflows and bring your images to life with a fleet of editing capabilities.  But while the palette of Lightroom features grew, our performance detracted from these gains.  So we took stock of where you were feeling the most performance anxieties, and dedicated this launch primarily to addressing these issues. The concerns that we gathered primarily centered around optimizing Lightroom Classic’s import and editing workflows. 
Here are some of the highlights of where we have made gains that we have tested internally and are betting you will see:
  • Application launch time
  • Preview generation including in Standard, 1:1 and Minimal previews
  • Import selection workflow with “Embedded & Sidecar” preview option (tips here)
  • Switching between Library and Develop Module
  • Moving from photo to photo in the Develop Module
  • Responsive brushing
We have also added new tools to make precise color and tone-based selections for Local Adjustments. You can now use the adjustment brush, radial, or graduated filters to define a rough mask, then refine the selection via the new Range Masking options found at the bottom of each Local Adjustment panel. This serves as a nice complement to meet your masking needs with the already existing auto mask feature in place.
While it was no small feat to carve out the foundation of making these performance gains, we know we still have a lot of work ahead. .  For instance, we are working to optimize the performance of higher powered processing systems and higher resolution monitors.  At the same time, we will continue to provide new image editing features that will help you pack more of a punch in a shorter period of time so that you can focus on what you love to do—taking incredible, awe-inspiring images."

To me the very lasts paragraph above is somewhat unsettling because it indicates it hasn't fully addressed the performance issue.  Once I have had a chance to put it through the paces I will make a video detailing my perception while using it.  Any improvement at all would be welcome!!!


Now lets talk about Lightroom CC

Here is what Adobe says about Lightroom CC:

"The Lightroom CC ecosystem is a cloud-based service with three device-based apps: desktop, mobile and web.

Lightroom CC is designed and built around 3 guiding principles:
  • Powerful Yet Simple—Lightroom CC will offer the powerful image editing that you want, while being simple and intuitive to use. Our goal is that it will have everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  • Seamless experience across all your devices—Lightroom CC will work the same across desktop, mobile, and web. This allows you to move across your devices without needing to relearn or figure things out. Your photos and edits are all where you’d expect them to be.
  • Cloud Based—Everything you do in Lightroom CC is synced to the cloud. This means that you can access and work with your photos from any device (including multiple computers), and can easily share photos with others. All of your photos and all of the work that you do with them will be automatically backed up all the time."

So, what does all this mean?  I have no idea!!!  Once I get my hands on it I will let you know and I am curious about the performance capabilities of this new program.  Could you edit 3,000 photos from an active wildlife shoot?  Maybe, if you have an insanely fast internet connection and the time necessary to upload all 3,000 images.  Anyway, we will see. 

If you use any of these personally please leave a comment and let me know what you like and down like.

To read all about it from Adobe click here.