Lightroom Classic - Lightroom CC – What’s the difference?


Okay, I’ll admit the name changes for Lightroom and the addition of a new product can be a little confusing.  This article will talk about what the names mean, what the products do for you, and some of the differences.

Name Change

 Lightroom CC becomes Lightroom Classic

Lightroom as we have used since 2006 evolved into Lightroom CC 2015.  This has now become Lightroom Classic.  It is all based on your desktop and functions as it always has with a few new improvements. 

Lightroom CC is a new Product

Lightroom CC is now a new product based on the “cloud”.  The cloud version does not have all the same features as Lightroom Classic.  The intent of the program however is to be streamlined and allow you access to all your files so long as you have an internet connection.  However, don’t let the “cloud” nomenclature fool you.  You can still store your files locally and edit them using the new Lightroom CC.  Then you can sync them to the cloud as time permits.

What’s the Difference between Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC?


What can Lightroom Classic do that Lightroom CC Cannot?

  • Tone Curve
  • Split Tone
  • Camera Profiles/soft proofing
  • History Panel
  • Hierarchical Keywords
  • Photo Merge (HDR, Panoramic)
  • Smart Collections
  • Custom sorts
  • Survey, Compare, or Reference views
  • Batch Processing
  • Third-Party Plug-ins
  • Print, Book, Slideshow, and Map modules
  • Color and Luminance Range Masking

So, as you can see the Lightroom Classic is still the most powerful way to finish your photographs between the two versions.  Adobe has stated they are supporting both of these versions equally.  I hope this remains true as many of us seek the more professional features found in Lightroom Classic.

Hopefully this helps you understand a little bit of the differences and what all the name changes mean.