Workshop Advice - Expenses

Image by Beth Ruggiero-York

Image by Beth Ruggiero-York

News flash!  Workshops are expensive.  Okay, this isn't exactly news to anyone who has taken or hosted one.  There are things you can do to help yourself out as far as expenses go and as you would expect I'm going to list a few of them below.

Spread out your Expenses

Most people know months or even years in advance they are attending a workshop.  During this time spreading out your expenses can be very beneficial.

  1. Camera Gear.  We all have a new lens we want (pssst... Kim, I want the Sigma 14mm f1.8).  The key is to try and get the equipment long before the workshop.  This has another benefit beyond spreading out the cost.  Whenever you get new equipment there is a learning curve involved and it is preferable this doesn't take place while you're on the workshop. 
  2. Travel Gear.  If you think you might need new luggage check for sales and snatch some up long before the trip.  If you think you are going to need new luggage, get new luggage early and keep an eye out for sales throughout the year.
  3. Non perishable Food.  If you are like me and you us protein bars to keep you going in the field just pick a few boxes up a month or so before the trip.  This doesn't work well for tomatoes...  Just saying.
  4. Airfare.  The closer you get to a departure time the more expensive the airfare becomes.  So as soon as the dates are decided go ahead and purchase your airline tickets. 

Okay, what other recommendations do you have to help with workshop expenses?

Looking for a Workshop?

If you haven't chosen a 2018 photography workshop I have a grand recommendation!

September 6th-10th Beth and I will be leading a workshop to the Great Basin National Park.  For more information click here.  Then, start spreading those expenses out!