Canon 7D Mark III Rumored Specs


Back in July, 2017 I reported on a Canon Rumors article about the 7D Mark III rumor it would be released in 2018.  While this rumor remains unchanged some of the rumored specifications have started surfacing.  I say 'rumored' because it is... rumored...  as in not set in stone or guaranteed to be true.  Still, it's fun to take a look.

Rumored Specs from Canon Rumors

  • 30MP sensor
  • 4K video/30p 1.4x
  • 12 fps
  • No AA filter
  • 1D X Mark II focusing
  • Tilting touch screen
  • CFast/SD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Price around $2,000

Some people have already pointed out some issues with the remored specs and you can read more about it here:

If these rumors are even close to true we could see another amazing camera for Nature photography.  Depending on the ISO range it could also be an excellent Wildlife (or Sports) body.  Keep and eye out you Canonites!