Image Backup Strategy


Okay, so I am probably the worst person in the world to be talking about a backup strategy but I do have a few things to contribute.  I've often joked if I did lose everything it would just encourage me to go out and take more photographs.  Still, there are several images which would be incredibly difficult to recreate and I think it would be crushing to lose everything.  So here are some suggestions to keep you afloat.

  • You gotta have a strategy of some kind unless every photograph you take is completely expendable.
  • Use a Raid System or something like a Drobo.  This is the most basic suggestion I have because if you do it this way you can have all of your images in one location so you can easily sort through them with Lightroom (or bridge if you enjoy torture).  Raid systems offer the ability to mirror drives so you can have the images and a back up side by side.  If one of the drives fail you have an alternative.  Drobo uses a proprietary method to have one or two drives mirror the others giving you security and storage space.
  • Have a secondary onsite back up.  This could be a second raid or drobo system or even a group of portable hard drives or even perhaps your computer.  
  • Have an offsite back up.  Here is where I fail.  All of my images are on a single drobo with a mirrored drive and the only offsite backup I have is where I put my portfolio.  Yes, I lay awake at night worried one day I will wake to find a dead drobo.  So do as I say here and not as I do.  Anyway, there are online services like Carbonite which allow you to upload your images to their site so they are "in the cloud" and safe if your house burns down.  The issue here of course is bandwidth as in you need a lot and even if you have a great internet connection it is likely going to take a very long time to back up.  Still, it's worth a look...  Yes, I'm looking right now.

So, how do you protect your files?