Welcome to the Nature Photography Show

                       Escape - Explore - Create

                       Escape - Explore - Create


My name is Jason Eldridge and I have been a passionate nature photographer since 2001.  When I first heard about podcasting I thought it would be a great outlet for photography and quickly found several photography related casts.  Many of those fell victim to the "Podfade" and would just blink out, others would show up and fill the void.  

I really wanted was to find a nature photography podcast but for a long time they simply did not exist.  Then came Tripod from the Improve Photography folks and it is good.  It is produced on a regular basis and has quality hosts.  If you haven't heard of them I encourage you to check them out.  Still, I felt there could be more than just a nature based podcast.  This was the catalyst for the Nature Photography Show.  There is a website, YouTube Channel, Facebook, and Instagram presence.  The podcast will be released on the 1st and 15th of every month and there may be additional ones added as hot topics may arise warranting their own show.  The website and YouTube Channel will have new content released weekly so check back often and please, contact us at info@naturephotographyshow.com if there is something you would like us to cover on the show, in an article, or through a video.

For Facebook we have two places for you to find us.  One is our public business page and the second is a private group which you have to request to join.  The group is to encourage community involvement and interaction so please find us there as well.   

Our Mission

The Nature Photography Show is designed around passion; passion for nature, photography, education, art, and conservation.  We strive to bring entertainment and education to the nature photography enthusiast through our website, podcast, YouTube channel, and other social media outlets.