Nikon D820 to be Announced July 25th

That's right!  Nikon rumors says there is an announcement from Nikon slated for July 25th, 2017.  This announcement is supposed to be the Nikon D810 replacement.  July 25th is the exact day of Nikon's 100th year in business.  Here are the rumored specs:

  • It will be called the D820 though some have not ruled out the D850
  • Approximately 46mp sensor
  • The same AF system as the Flagship D5
  • Improved ISO - which it would need with the larger mp sensor
  • New and improved SnapBridge - Improving on this would not be difficult...  In fact, removing it would likely be an improvement.
  • SD and XQD memory slots - Why not offer two SD or two XQD???  WHY???
  • Tiltable LCD Screen - About time...
  • No GPS 

While this is an incremental upgrade at least it is an upgrade.  For those of us who had not yet purchased a D810 this is a good place to be.  This should be an amazing landscape camera with plenty of pixels to punish!  

Come on Nikon...  I am rooting for you!!!!

You can find out more from the Nikon Rumors Post here:

What do you all think?  Sound like a good camera to you?