Image Deconstruction

Everglades National Park, Dwarf Cypress 

Anyone can take photographs of chaos.  It's easy, just point and shoot but as photographers it is our job to create order from chaos.  The deconstruction of an images is a way for you to see what the photographer's thought process was at the time of the capture.  Take a moment to study the image itself before moving to the photograph which contains the explanation.  

As you are looking at the first image try to imagine what the photographer was thinking with this composition.  Then, move over to the one which provides the insight.  You will immediately see several things at the point of capture which were on their mind.  The placement of the tree.  They considered the clouds and how they would play into the final image.  The horizon line was well below center.  

Do you agree with what they did?  Would you have done something different?  If so, why?