Be Patient

Pine Glades Lake, Everglades National Park

Patience isn't one of those things that I have ever been known for...  Just ask my wife!

Photography has helped me become more patient as I have seen images pass right through my fingers because I moved when I shouldn't have.  The two images above however is what can happen when you are patient.

One day I made my way out to a popular sunset location in the Everglades.  I almost didn't go because the weather was terrible but I went anyway.  As expected it was drab and dreary with some dark and light clouds.  Still, I got out of the truck and set up the gear.  I started walking around a bit looking for just about anything to shoot.  I guessed it would be a wash.  I almost decided to pack up but decided to give it just a little more time.

The image on the left is what I was expecting.  The image on the right was what I got just 5 minutes later.  Yes, just 5 minutes made that big of a difference!!!!

This drab and dreary day quickly became one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.  What a great experience and several lessons were learned.  The lessons?  The lessons are to go in spite of the circumstances and wait 15 minutes after you have made the decision to leave.  Patience can be difficult to learn but it is well worth the effort.