Find us on Facebook?


Facebook is changing what goes into your feed once again.  As it stands now business pages are pretty low on your feed unless the business pays for a boost of a particular post.  Now, according to Mark Zuckerberg it is going to shift the business even further down on the list...  This is of course, unless you pay for the boost.

This is frustrating to many businesses out there and very well could be to the users of facebook as well.  After all you signed up to see posts from a particular business or perhaps even the Nature Photography Show.  You have the option to “unlike” a particular business if you don’t like their content after all.

All this said, this is Facebook's House so it is up to them to set their policies and of course make money.

What do you all think about this?  Will it help you enjoy Facebook a little more or will you start missing those amazing, inspiring, and incredibly awesome posts from the Nature Photography Show?