Adobe Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 Update Released


Everyone knows Lightroom Classic CC runs like frozen molasses… encased in cement.  Well, Adobe has been talking about a new version to speed things up.  It’s here!

Version 7.2 is available to download and Adobe says you can:

Experience faster Lightroom Classic performance on machines with 12GB of RAM or more, when you import and export photos, move between photos in Loupe view, or create HDR images and Panoramas.

There are another number of features included in this update such as:

  • Create collections from Folder
  • Create collection from a photo pin in the Map module
  • Filter photos based on edit status
  • Folder search
  • Mark and filter favorite folders
  • Create smart collections based on a new rule - 'Has Edits'
  • Support for new cameras and lenses

You can read all about these from their page HERE.

While these are all well and good most of us just want a better, faster experience.  So, as you start to put this new version through the paces let me know what you think.  Is it faster?