Safety First

For some of us there are few places we would rather be than out in nature doing what we love.  The sunrises, sunsets, hiking, camping, and photographing wildlife can all be wonderful.  The more time we spend out there the more comfortable we become and therein is the problem.

Recently a photographer and tour guide known for leading people to photograph lava flows in Hawaii died from noxious fumes when his group encountered a rain shower.  The three people he was leading made it to safety but Sean King succumbed to the fumes and lost his life. 

Nature is unforgiving even if you know what you’re doing.  This is not intended to keep you from heading out into the wilderness for the next great photograph but it should help remind you to stay alert at all times even if you are in an area you have visited dozens of time.

Stay safe my friends and do your best to return home to your loved ones.