Change your Perspective

When you first arrive at a photo location what do you do? Do you immediately take out your tripod, fully extend the legs, and put your camera on the head in the landscape position? If you do all these things (and I am guilty too) then you are limiting your creativity. I would suggest that you take your camera and walk around just a bit to find different angles and heights. Find what you are looking for THEN get your tripod.  Believe it or not but just the change of a few feet can make a difference because we are used to seeing things at eye level.

If you are photographing wildlife remember it is important to be at eye level or lower.  The reasoning behind this is that it gives the subject a sense of power.  The image above of a black bear would have had a different feel if I had been standing above it.  The bear would have seemed smaller than it was and not nearly as commanding of its environment.   

Since everyone is a photographer (or claims to be). If you want to be different start my changing your perspective.