Breakthrough Photography X4 10 Stop ND Filter

I recently had the opportunity to use Breakthrough Photography's X4 10 Stop ND Filter (round 77mm filter).  The company boasts their ND filter is the most color neutral and sharpest on the market.  That is a pretty tall position to take when you consider some of the other filter companies such as Lee or Singh-Ray.  

My findings were pretty telling.  The images above were both shot on Cloudy White Balance as I wanted to ensure the color temperature was constant.  Additionally they were slightly finished (edited) identically.  The exposure between the individual image comparisons is relatively close with the ND images a little darker.

In the end I could see no discernible difference in sharpness and only the slightest hint of a color shift.  The ND produces a little bit of a warming effect on the images, which is easily adjusted in post processing.

So, if you are in the market for some new filters Breakthrough Photography has you covered.

Disclaimer:  The Nature Photography Show is sponsored in part by Breakthrough Photography.  However, I had already started using their products before they elected to come on as a sponsor.  

Should you decide to purchase filters from Breakthrough please follow the link on our website (or click their logo above).  This lets them know who sent you and helps out the show in return.

How to Find the Podcast

Just in case you were not aware the Nature Photography Show is an actual show!  We have a podcast which comes out the 1st and 15th of every month and on occasion we have extra episodes.  Be sure to check it out and subscribe when you do. 

Nikon 180-400 f/4

Nikon announced a new lens on Tuesday 1/09.  The AF-S NIKKOR 180-400mm f/4E TC1.4 FL ED VR is a gold series NIKKOR lens that is a wildlife photographers dream.  This lens comes with a 1.4 teleconverter built in so all you need to do if you need the extra reach is just flip the T.C. into place.  

The 2018 Ansel Adams Challenge

Ansel Adams once said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”  This still holds true even in the digital age.  The world is flooded with more images now than in its history but this doesn’t mean it’s flooded with good images.  So, join the Nature Photography Show in 2018 for the Ansel Adams Challenge to produce your best 12 images. 

Nature Photography Show and 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for me and photography.  The Nature Photography Show podcast and YouTube channel was launched in July and so far has been met with a great response.  We just picked up our first sponsor with Breakthrough Photography.  Well, the podcast has anyway...  YouTube is still in need of subscribers!!! hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

Nature Photography Show Sponsor

After my review of the Breakthrough Photography filters the company decided to support the Nature Photography Show by providing filters to use.  When this show started I decided if I were to take on supporters it would have to be with a company which I would personally use and recommend.  Well, Breakthrough Photography Filters are the best I have encountered to date so having them on board is very exciting!!!

How to use Global Editing in Lightroom CC

With every image I process within lightroom I start with global development and then move on to specific selective finishing.  This video will take you through the Global Editing and will help you make a dramtaic difference in your image development.

10 Ways to Improve your Photography

Learning photography is a process and one many would say is a never ending one.  Below you will find 10 recommendations to improve your photography.  If you do these you will notice an immediate improvement.

Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead Review

The Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ballhead is a workhorse piece of equipment and the company is a leader in the industry.  Check out this review of the BH-55 Ballhead.

National Park Service Proposes Fee Increase to Select Parks

As many of you know not all National Parks charge an entrance fee.  However, there are several that do.  On October 24th, 2017 the National Parks service announced a proposal to increase the fee of 17 national parks to $70.00.  

Lightroom CC is Dead, Long Live Lightroom CC

We finally have information on Lightroom CC.  It has become Lightroom Classic and speaks of much needed performance improvement.  But the name Lightroom CC is still going to be used but for a completely new web based photo editing program.  Confused?  Yeah, me too a little.

How to Define your Subject using Depth of Field

DOF is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a photograph that appear reasonably sharp. Think of this area as the focal plane as well. Lenses can precisely focus on a given point. However, anything closer or further away from that point begins to leave the focal plane. This is how you get the nice blurry backgrounds you see in some photographs or the tack sharpness in others.

Canon 7D Mark III Rumored Specs

Back in July, 2017 I reported on a Canon Rumors article about the 7D Mark III rumor it would be released in 2018.  While this rumor remains unchanged some of the rumored specifications have started surfacing.  I say 'rumored' because it is... rumored...  as in not set in stone or guaranteed to be true.  Still, it's fun to take a look.

Adobe Lightroom on Notice


The company OnOne is releasing the beta version of their Photo Raw 2018.  This version has panoramic stitching, HDR, Masking Tools, and Versions (like virtual copies in Lightroom).  This software is a non destructive camera RAW editor much like Adobe Lightroom and has been evolving for some time.  However, it has been lacking in may key features which may be addressed in their 2018 version.  

As an individual who is really tired of how slow Lightroom has become I may give this beta a go.  My first thoughts are I'll never switch but I said the same thing about digital cameras back in the film days.  It is worth a fair shake especially if it solves a problem.  

What do you all think? 

Is Adobe taking too long to fix their slowness issue with Lightroom? (it's been two years since a major update Adobe...  come on!) 

Is there room for competition in the photo finishing side of photography?

Find out more about the beta which is released for free October 6th, 2017:  (live event today October 3rd, 2017)



Nikon D850 Announcment

The D850 has been announced from Nikon.  Of course I personally have not had a chance to get my hands on one but given the listed price and the exuberant amount of features this could be a leap forward for DSLR users.  

Great Basin National Park Photography Workshop 2018

Announcing the first annual Nature Photography Show workshop! It will be held at a little-known and remote gem of a location -- Great Basin National Park -- from September 6th - 10th, 2018.  There will be opportunities to photograph from sunrise to sunset, and when it gets dark, the beauty of the park will really shine! We have scheduled the workshop during a new moon (i.e., very dark skies) to offer excellent opportunities for night photography and instruction.

Nikon D820 to be Announced July 25th

That's right!  Nikon rumors says there is an announcement from Nikon slated for July 25th, 2017.  This announcement is supposed to be the Nikon D810 replacement.  July 25th is the exact day of Nikon's 100th year in business.