Lightroom Classic CC is STILL Slow

After returning from a trip to Jupiter Beach this past weekend I was excited to dig into the images.  Last year I upgraded my computer and at the start of 2018 I began a fresh new Lightroom Catalog just to ensure I had the best experience editing.

My report is...  Lightroom Classic CC is still painfully slow.  Really???  YES, really!

Lightroom CC is Dead, Long Live Lightroom CC

We finally have information on Lightroom CC.  It has become Lightroom Classic and speaks of much needed performance improvement.  But the name Lightroom CC is still going to be used but for a completely new web based photo editing program.  Confused?  Yeah, me too a little.

How to Create an HDR Panoramic in Lighroom CC

This video takes you through how to post process a HDR Panoramic inside Lightroom CC.  It does mention how to do it in the field just to give you an idea the next time you're out.  Enjoy!

How to Move Images Using Lightroom CC

Have you ever gotten the dreaded exclamation mark in the upper right of the thumbnail?  No body likes those...  Well, in this video tutorial you will learn not only how to deal with those but also how to move images around using Lightroom CC so it doesn't happen again in the future.  

Adobe Admits it has a Problem with Lightroom Performance

We photographers have known for some time Adobe Lightroom CC has been dragging.  It can be infuriating to just scroll through images especially when you have programs like Photo Mechanic which can do it lighting fast.