filters for landscape photography

Magnetic Polarizer from Breakthrough Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to use a new product from Breakthrough Photography.  They have a new ring which can use not only their square and rectangular holders but also a magnetic circular polarizer.  Check out the video!

Why use a Circular Polarizer

If there is one filter that is a must have for all of my lenses it is a Circular Polarizer.  The effects of most other filters can be quickly recreated in post.  There is still a need for an neutral density filter and to some extent a graduated ND filter. The latter can be reproduced in post but requires the blending of exposures through HDR or more manual methods. 

Nature Photography Show Sponsor

After my review of the Breakthrough Photography filters the company decided to support the Nature Photography Show by providing filters to use.  When this show started I decided if I were to take on supporters it would have to be with a company which I would personally use and recommend.  Well, Breakthrough Photography Filters are the best I have encountered to date so having them on board is very exciting!!!