Filters from Breakthrough Photography

Over the past few months I have done several videos talking about the Breakthrough Photography Filters.  Yes they sponsor the show but I can tell you right now if they dropped us I would continue to use their products.  They simply are the best filters I have used.  Below you will find a collection of the videos I have completed.  

Just Keep Shooting

Not terribly long ago I went through a down sing in photography.  I just couldn't get motivated to go out and do anything.  In fact, I used about every excuse I could come up with just to stay home.

One day I decided to e-mail Rick Sammon about this issue figuring over his career he likely encountered the same issue.  His advice to me was, "Just keep shooting."

Magnetic Polarizer from Breakthrough Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to use a new product from Breakthrough Photography.  They have a new ring which can use not only their square and rectangular holders but also a magnetic circular polarizer.  Check out the video!

2018 Ansel Adams Challenge January Winner - Barbara Livieri

Thanks Barbara for taking the challenge and I can't wait to see what you get for the coming months.

You can find more of Barbara's work on her FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

10 Ways to Improve your Photography

Learning photography is a process and one many would say is a never ending one.  Below you will find 10 recommendations to improve your photography.  If you do these you will notice an immediate improvement.

Workshop Advice - Expenses

News flash!  Workshops are expensive.  Okay, this isn't exactly news to anyone who has taken or hosted one.  There are things you can do to help yourself out as far as expenses go and as you would expect I'm going to list a few of them below.