Just Keep Shooting

Not terribly long ago I went through a down sing in photography.  I just couldn't get motivated to go out and do anything.  In fact, I used about every excuse I could come up with just to stay home.

One day I decided to e-mail Rick Sammon about this issue figuring over his career he likely encountered the same issue.  His advice to me was, "Just keep shooting."

20 Quotes for Nature Photographers

Often times I find myself searching the internet for photography quotes.  Looking at what those who have come before us have to say about the medium can be helpful and cause us to consider photography in a different light.  There is also the added benefit of being inspired by the work of those who said the quote in the first place.

Nikon D820 to be Announced July 25th

That's right!  Nikon rumors says there is an announcement from Nikon slated for July 25th, 2017.  This announcement is supposed to be the Nikon D810 replacement.  July 25th is the exact day of Nikon's 100th year in business.