Episode 50 - Switching to Sony


Okay… I am sure by now everyone knows what my decision was. I’ve switched from Nikon to Sony. Sometimes the Koolaid is good!

Episode 49 - Grumpy Photographers


Have you noticed just how grumpy people are? Photographers are no exception. Why do you think that is? Take a listen to this episode as Beth and I discuss this topic.

Episode 48 - Nikon Z Series Camera


Beth isn’t the only one of us shifting. Well, I am not totally convinced right now but I am evaluating swapping to the Nikon Z series. Take a listen to the podcast as I discuss why I am considering this shift.

Episode 47 - Interview with Juan Pons


I have been a follower of Juan Pons for a good amount of time. He agreed to be on the show and we end up in a long discussion about Sony gear and his transition from Canon. Before listening be sure to check out his work at

Disclaimer: Juan’s audio sounds great but something on my end messed mine up a bit so it isn’t as crisp as always.

Episode 46 - Interview with Nick Page


I was finally able to track down Nick Page for an interview. He is an extremely busy photographer and his work is something to behold. Be sure to check his website out before you listen to the podcast!

Episode 45 - Switching to Olympus


Beth has decided to switch from Sony to Olympus. Join us as we discuss the hithertoos and whyfors!

Episode 44 - Focus Stacking


What the heck is focus stacking and why do I need it? Take a listen and find out!

Episode 43 - Travel Workflow


Do you want to know how Beth and I handle our travel workflow? Well, take a listen!

Episode 42 - Interview with David Johnston


This is an interview with David Johnston. You should check it and David out. See the show notes for his information.

Episode 41 - Death Valley


In this episode we talk about Death Valley. Enjoy!

Episode 40 - Interview with Bruce Taubert


Beth interviews Dr. Bruce Taubert. They talk about photographing birds, hummingbirds, and macro work. Be sure to check it out!

Episode 39 - Interview with Moose Peterson


I had the opportunity to set down with one of the industry greats. This interview is with Moose Peterson! Take a listen and enjoy.

Episode 38 - Lunar Eclipse


January 20-21, 2019 we have a total lunar eclipse. This is visible anywhere in North or South American. Take a listen and come up with ways to shoot the lunar eclipse. Most important though is get out and watch it happen. It’s so cool!

Episode 36 - Great Basin National Park


In this episode Beth and I discuss our recent workshop in the Great Basin National Park. It is absolutely a place you should put on your list, especially if you love night sky photography!

Episode 12 - Fun in the Dark Part 1

Our co-host Beth Ruggiero-York wrote a book called Fun in the Dark detailing night photography.  This is the first in a mini series of episodes where we talk about night photography.  If this is something you are interested in be sure to tune in!


Show Notes